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Afghanistan USA suhail Shaheen History

Afghanistan USA suhail Shaheen – Now Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

A US Air Force plane is leaving Kabul airport. Running with the slope of people. Many are trying to grab any part of the aircraft. Such a video is being seen more on social media. In another video, two black dots are seen falling to the ground after the plane leaves the ground and rises very high. Witnesses say those points are human. The videos are coming up again and again on the newsfeed as soon as you open Twitter today. Includes tweets and news links about Afghanistan. Following in the footsteps of media and journalists from various countries, the Twitter feed is showing more of this news, but today, the occupation of Kabul by Afghanistan and the Taliban is at the top of the discussion on all social media. The matter is also clear in Google Trends.

Overview to understand Afghanistan – US envolvement

After cold war another civil  war broke out after the creation of a broken fusion government between pioneers of different mujahideen groups. In the midst of a state of political agitation and factional infighting, different mujahideen groups committed broad assault, kill and extortion, whereas Kabul was intensely assaulted and somewhat annihilated by the fighting. A few fizzled compromises and organizations together happened between distinctive leaders.The Taliban risen in September 1994 as a development and volunteer army of understudies (talib) from Islamic madrassas (schools) in Pakistan who before long had military bolster from Pakistan. Taking control of Kandahar city that year, they prevailed more regions until at last driving out the government of Rabbani from Kabul in 1996, where they built up an emirate that picked up universal acknowledgment from as it were three nations.

The Taliban were condemned universally for the unforgiving requirement of their translation of Islamic sharia law, which come about within the brutal treatment of numerous Afghans, particularly women. Amid their run the show, the Taliban and their partners committed slaughters against Afghan civilians, denied UN nourishment supplies to starving civilians and conducted a arrangement of burned soil, burning endless ranges of rich arrive and crushing tens of thousands of homes. After the drop of Kabul to the Taliban, Ahmad ShahShah Massoud and Abdul Rashid Dostum shaped the Northern Collusion, afterward joined by others, to stand up to the Taliban. Dostum’s powers were crushed by the Taliban amid the Fights of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1997 and 1998; Pakistan’s Chief of Armed force Staff, Pervez Musharraf, started sending thousands of Pakistanis to assist the Taliban vanquish the Northern Collusion.

By 2000 the Northern Organization together as it were controlled 10% of domain, cornered within the north-east. On 9 September 2001, Massoud was killed by two Middle easterner suicide assailants in Panjshir Valley. Around 400,000 Afghans kicked the bucket in inside clashes between 1990 and 2001.  In October 2001, the Joined together States attacked Afghanistan to expel the Taliban from control after they denied to hand over Osama Container Loaded, the prime suspect of the September 11 assaults, who was a “visitor” of the Taliban and was working his al-Qaeda organize in Afghanistan. The larger part of Afghans upheld the American intrusion of their country. Amid the starting attack, US and UK strengths bombarded al-Qaeda preparing camps, and afterward working with the Northern Organization together, the Taliban administration came to an conclusion.

On 14 April 2021, NATO Secretary Common Jens Stoltenberg said the organization together had concurred to begin pulling back its troops from Afghanistan by May 1. Before long after the withdrawal of NATO troops begun, the Taliban propelled an hostile against the Afghan government, rapidly progressing before collapsing Afghan government forces. Agreeing to a U.S. insights report, the Afghan government would likely collapse inside six months after NATO completes its withdrawal from the country. On Admirable 15, 2021, as the Taliban once once more controlled a endless lion’s share of Afghan domain, the Taliban started capturing the capital city of Kabul, and numerous civilians, government authorities and remote ambassadors were evacuated. President Ghani fled Afghanistan that day.

A visual story of Afghan Crisis


Now, Machado’s two trillion dollars. American Akatsuki, Afghan War Keuper be salute the US Army, Afghanistan. Kandari, I guess set US Army Afghanistan takoyaki Bestinvest Taliban up. I put a dish. Kuper political. Yatsko didn’t ask person to come into Afghanistan can actually make Afghanistan Garchik and told me he was attacking Afghanistan. The police got to get a Taliban gig, but bloody crisis had discussed that India, UK, India that he Afghanistan’s ligands complex geopolitical crisis crisis I in the hospital nobody Ajanta Atkiss video subserve. I could shut down Sidiki award winning Indian photojournalist Jinky Taliban attack Gardez, Afghanistan. You say he might not make such a journalist. You literally a pretty darn good operator that something as such but a statistic which is that I say just as a shigeko just asking them haematocrit Jehova Farmers Protest or crisis we a migrant crisis in Kujo Photos Thibeault Hillyard In our culture about the person that the extremist attack are Data Kootenay and what we’ve got in common. Dettol youngsters school inspired Cuyahoga Sahi Myname Journalism in Afghanistan. His situation, Galtung says how much negative those Tomica should also should have gotten an job done. Guðbjörg Afghanistan, the graveyard of Empires to boards a superpower edition Afghanistan. Miotto, Japan based Basti Karaka give up the mistress of the British, but a humiliating defeat on the same basis of the Soviet Union Afghanistan via an official NATO. But body embarrassment or excuse me Satima USA I job.

I’ve not got something Afghanistan go by helicopter concatenating again if they ask me to be all. Good luck with the instances miling. Macedonian ruler Alexander Nikita Adams. Nikita Bunghole Ruler Genghis Khan Mogul Ruler Shahjahan our organization. Our Psychological Impact on the Afghan War Years. But another thing you see before in Afghanistan, Kiriyenko occupied how many ancient history down road I’m sure what? Eighteen hundred times more same as the other relevant situation is some I mean not me, but Russian Empire or Saotome British Empire to India, to the British occupied terracotta or Midlake buffer zone Tjokkie Afghanistan of Russia or Britain. Don’t know any other city that don’t get better at that. You can do sluttish Afghanistan, go occupy the homophily problems. But as a famous political cartoon to get Russia cobbled Russia Caballo get ready or beat you may have gotten this done should walk. Many Western countries have gotten to start about him. Is that appertaining? Scottish explorer Alexander is the OR safely VOP us lord. It worked like a hero, but no Western countries get Obdulio in Afghanistan duplicating travels Entocort at work best seller Kitab 1838. British Rajaram motivated Volkan Afghanistan. Your territory becomes succoring. Very confident of victory in Afghanistan. Make it work to Amy, those two Mahomet of the Karzai dynasty, the British and Young Charity or Mohammad Cartaya. What up next puppet Tushar up we’ll say we’ll see you. Afghanistan is what we Armine bulky Hojjati to will be isolated.

Gauntlett How they it go up. Nakaji For that. What do you do with that. I will Gonca up. You’ve got an email favor or email which that you have become more ambitious. What I can do is try to take down the sub, unite with Chief and or sorry, go holidaymaker jump to the British Kokila Thene salute. OK, you’ve virtually Britisher. Give us advanced weapons to the British for your humperdink hot shots from the jungle or those Mahomet kill US policy but retard. The idea is to have first Anglo Afghan war. It’s about the second Anglo Afghan war we 1878 British need Devadasi attacked Afghanistan. It’s about a British invasion of Afghanistan kultury occupying Afghanistan. Settle on a canal and medical support here. Abdul Rahman Disembarkment ion America. Give people the British name, mostly Afghanistan. Make internal rule. Reyhaneh the cookie. Buffer zone, Russian empire bust up, not influence manage that it was, but friendly relations, banana charted the stability, maintained that he Afghanistan can 1893 make international border Managua, Afghanistan or British India give you say Durand Line, Kabul 19 07 agreement to be who are British or Russian and Bank of Japan. Russia they recognise yukky Afghanistan. Your will British sphere of influence candidates promise you Afghanistan said do you see some make out 1918 make communist revolution hurty Hiroshima or Lenin. Karaj that is covered may influence people to have Ganesan but guess it.

I’ll give you a Batonga. It’s considered equal but nineteen ninety two. The whole thing had colored Anglo Afghan war. You. Yes, Afghanistan War of independence. But I doubt that be Afghanistan British calavera. You’ve got to have full independence phonic in Afghanistan. QuickStart is the British perspective. Japan, British Afghanistan get foreign affairs to control Afghanistan. This like about the British complete independence or British MP recognise Garthe. Afghanistan independence. Afghanistan is fucked kraja email aminullah a British Alafia Young Gizzi Coffee Make Coffee Important Kidada Haggett Montagnard British Nade Young John Pushkar Strategic reasons say hoti package Durand Line with clear cut border Punggye British in Afghanistan KBH actually Odegard in Turkey. Durand Line border. Hey Afghanistan or Pakistan. Can you talk about that. Those that are poised to make history interesting yet there definitely check out commodity prices, lamb coocoo audio book and the greatest battle Skibbereen Badia Audio Gap Platform and apropo book Somebody Biography’s or audio books on disability audio magic. Personally, better for reading a comparison. Gomm Gymkata up sehnsucht in audio books is flat function normally price at three hundred ninety nine rupees per year. Lican cookies video was Kikukawa from the local expression discount paragraph coupon drouth 20 Cemile up 20 percent of Málaga. Any activity overall cost i.e. 319 rupees. But yet Juggy ecru paper didn’t say he was told the budget is a surprise. Check out CareerLink Nicha description of what CSC Bario audiobooks autobiographies Blackphone be available.

Objet bootlicking Anglo Afghan war scarred Afghanistan or Taliban relation relation handles Japan invasions where Afghanistan British good or bad. May I wish you a merry cockatoo? Iraqi invasions or recently Soviet Union because of Arabic in submenu causes or concerns table coffee. Similarly similar excuses dnn superpower snakey will kill invade Afghanistan Bisek excuse me of the attack Yaloke of operating Jungleland. OK, I’m civilized Lugh Moho but I engage in history knu. He yesterday said that she is indigeneity distressed governments kamiti in Saudi superpower countries opinions armonica superpower countries Kajínek Ulpana Selfish Interest or geopolitical reason. Afghanistan to invade to make a up economy economy argue Amanullah Conjola wealthy liberal or progressive. Mid nineteen twenty six million on Afghanistan’s Constitutional Monarchy. Banaba Ecological or Afghanistan Bungay the kingdom of Afghanistan. Many liberal or progressive you get on Nappanee dynastic tradition. Toorop Acrassicauda interpolated the gaieties of multiple autosave Acrassicauda ecoregions Sape Yaacov that it can love marriage and revive TESO rioters Queen Wingerter nineteen twenty six or Taculli Afghanistan night that Heikki Revolution Lite Indrajit I need a milker polygamy against campaigning religious schools kulu equal rights for women demand or to go right via divorce Carnesecca or ISIS secular courts or secular education could be Bushkill to strict dress code for today or Afghanistan may well maybe Tyagi in fact Riani public speech Giuntoli summed up in a hijab Bouffard, the Islamic Carpinelli Cocchi or Toco Onyebuchi body school cover Cattanach a special type covering the retina he lican Jessamine Apple Rajaram Wonderwall episode.

Nobut that are those to be as ugly social reform landing equals courage. I think if you get too excited because you know what they had Alvar without their rajaram one relative abolished garden ecosecurities that we could take it that cardioverter to our city Afghanistan. Maybe we could take it out on Akagi slum Catrine 1923 Maradiaga Canopic Rebellion in 1924. Makau Rebellion. We do not rebellion school crush cardiogenic in nineteen to. Nightmare, finally, the brilliant, successful Rajar or anything, you don’t know how British India swept India AVP British Raj in 1929, Bombay made in quick name Beauty better in India, but insists India, aged in 92 years. India, the room delegated Anarkali Raschid intact interferences India. Romita, which is a welcome on the British native Afghanistan, could not prosper when they don’t want to secretly do Rajneeshee morphed photos circulate Autogen talk about iconically Amanullah or Surakiart. They can just the extremist Ninjak Handelman unlucky will save people through cardiogenic Siljander and Britishness no matter the bickering. Belet nodded. Qabbani, Natasja, Afghanistan or 1933 men Zahir Shah but deskin Natasja ugly channelise sulkily. Jarle Sultan, known as the Borders Modernization Korea, Afghanistan Foreign Relations be establishing Yabaki the of nineteen forty seven of India or Pakistan. Was Ardebili British set your Durand Line. Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Give us a permanent border banana. Afghanistan is the Quicknet. Afghanistan or Pakistan can be the reason you attack the majority. Afghanistan Midlake ethnicity Pashtoons 38 percent Garrone or Pakistan Khyber Pass to my district. Be equal number of Pashtuns. They can you see these and say Afghanistan, Pakistan. Can separatist movements all support here, especially in Raja Zahir Shah Cajal Prime Minister to Daud will on to school. The other support that would actually make doesn’t make any citizen give it to the Pakistan border spanker. The Afghanistan goes up, just give it up, said local regional trade one to Zahir Shah. Prime Minister Daoud resign Kabaddi in nineteen sixty three nineteen sixty four. Making their constitution like Yagiz McAveety of parliamentary elections will set up a new Prime Minister elect electronically. Afghanistan nineteen sixty five whereby they can rule yet Akagi Royal Family Members political offices. The whole purpose of yachties we check it out can option normal. But Prime Minister Banega Dubah US in elections, mayor or TV party or in fact could say elections contest because you see diam ground daughter Hecky ideology’s. They can leave Afghanistan, especially university level yick ideology to communists. Keep under the PDP party or dusoulier ideology. Islamist ideology got relevance here. You quagga they can go nineteen seventy three. Zahir Shah foreign droppable had violated the army got support liquor or APNIC Communist or leftist dustour support liquor Loukia yk bloodless coup backed-up electrical bill army Ghidorah put additional control Linnik about Dulkaninna up now put Rajani up bulky nagaki of President to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Quick Republic Dish Bernabeu propose to step Pictou Leadership Constitutional Monarchy to a republic. But in reality, may the Parliament or judiciary could basically disband the dictator and Barnier Zahir Shah do what they said. Behati won’t give us you option Natasja accept Carnegie Lover Boy Exile Michelago Italy Maske about dictatorship. Hornig about bejewelled Doughton which badia social or economic reforms like Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi banks to nationalize Kaavya or Shahdadkot, Yokine. Gurnam, Bushkill Holligan 1960s and 1970s skitty Afghanistan which as a dictator but peaceful giganto. In fact he Petrzilka Uki destination habitrail basically alternative tourism movement. Pirjo Western countries majority Europeans or Americans. Iran, not Afghanistan. Not that I would say India to travel. They may or may be realistic. Travelling Carterton keep the bureaucracy hotel reservation could get hand and thanks to the local population, because at interactor or local Afghani coffee friendly in leukocyte is looked around, Afghanistan is relatively peaceful or popular tourist destination Askia, the New York hotel, heliconia, etc.. They can ask about Afghanistan first, say those superpower’s beach celebratin or Roszak impeachment passata. It was a great game, Khaja that is Gebhard i.e. Cold War USA or Soviet Union. Lebech make but ideological war just Madondo dish boki. They show up to influence the monarchical shishko. Today is just about every minute detail about us.

The Superpower, one of its description with one group called Work Environment Detail Miljan out that Cold War make virtual Volbeat Taraki Iron Curtain out in Berlin Wall. We do because Berlin Saib Iron Curtain. I hadn’t gotten excited, Cordish, American friends had set aside Cordish Soviet Union influence candidate in category. Do you think Margiotta had Non-Aligned Movement? They start hearing that mantra. Look at what is basically geotagging, not tohunga US influence trying impurities in the Soviet Union, Indonesia, Allegra Hekker independently Banita, Yugoslavia or coffee or or non-aligned to automatic Onegin subset important Afghanistan P Non-Aligned Movement Geike member that would NATO’s policy will continue to zaida shock get odds of the old Soviet Union to support Liotard up in Afghanistan. The issue of modernization in Cold War shrew who escaped BORTAC are in an absolute yukky Soviet but still dependent in the heat energy independent country with nudge at the Do Not the Internet and the indicator of the US KSTP relations will resume. Soviet eradicable could be Kushnir Soviet to stand your ruler Leonid Brezhnev in hockey, but interested in learning how to get rid of all imperialist advisors in Afghanistan now that a black Yagi Afghans are the masters of their own house and nobody should tell them how to run their own affairs. Time Liberté, Afghanistan, the Communist Party PDP. Those factions may divide HOGGETT Soviet Union Kushkaki internal factions munity maintain Khanaqin nineteen seventy seven without coming up any party with a National Revolutionary Party or year and they are constitutionally courageous.

Mattachine Main features Islam, nationalism or socialism. You don’t have peace Connetquot extremist Islamist. They can Boki Donel Communist Party defections. They endanger Bensoussan. The most particular of marijuana should have been deliberately locked. Afghanistan may with that Halkett dictatorship. Goodacre will continue to support it and let me doubt cannibalisation government javu IC time Podolsky but peaceful this of top and bottom murders. On April nineteen seventy eight, May a communist leader collegiately Afghanistan May unidentified water or tipping point hit that would love that would kill a cool Tisbury Nappanee because I had shocking enough Winnik enough who dat but Goffe heavy fighting with or without the in jeopardy of Casati Harper equivocator has our revolution. Is Kobad Afghanistan a democratic republic that it can be communist Saqqara power may not be led by a president nor Mohammad Taraki in Kendrick, but physical jocketty forms they can land redistributed to have farmers give Afghan independence independent TV channel launch. They have an unfair leonski practice square Bhandarkar about the bride binkie practice equipment, about the audio Islamist extremist or molalla. We’ll keep our kinglet. They learn to Gilgo school. We divide up the horribly famous look at. They come visit us in a year and you will find the mosques and not religion. Get Claff without being educated. They look to Afghanistan. That war extreme stance is there just the military mandatory, but that two main political parties to Afghanistan MediaHub think a parliamentary election system shiru Islamist or if communist Islamists look to go inside a major sit down at the next one, you not a civil war.

The clear cut of the communists, secular or PDP metaverse, but the whole catadores factions and but I think a communist has become a communists. You see, jungle’s their normal Mutharika assassination without they had in nineteen seventy nine Soviet Union Kovik excuse me Afghanistan. Candar invade karmically Wapnick Communist ideology. Go protect the Communist Party’s Cottenham in Afghanistan. We want to protect Connacher precociously cutting Afghanistan goosestep Mujahideen Claff Juncture Nikil of America with attack against the Soviet Union of no influence Germanic equals Pushcart Afghanistan keuper it Cordish Joshed America Pulsatile Soviet Union Jihad to Cold War to America accepted as you conceivable. But opposing ideology will say finding courage also support Taqi America influence Jambi Afghanistan. Those swacked communists claff opposing ideology Islamists or Mujahideen America in have funding data, which is a support group. I give each Taliban to Osama bin Laden or Kasit America involvement Afghanistan or Botticelli Jappy have. Let me ask you about Commando’s. The next episode Mikucki Objectivity Board Vorticity Information. William would you like that is gonna go. You say he continue working the next episode of Taliban but focus scarnati home when we got down radiophone for my comments. Melika but I. Milton, froglet, William, bodyboard.





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