Jay Bhim Movie review

In the huge population of pagan culture in the Indian subcontinent we see a strong pyramid. We will get to the end of this pyramid from the beginning to the end of the movie Joy Bhim. In one of the opening scenes of the film, we see one prisoner after another coming out of the jail gate and these prisoners are divided into two according to their cast. One part is sent home and the other part is deposited in another place. Now if we look at the names of the casts heard from the mouths of these prisoners, we will try to understand. The casts that were released here were Naidu, Vani, Mudlayar, Govandar, and Thevar. On the other hand those who were deposited for a purpose were in order to do, mailer, and attar. (Pronunciation errors are forgivable) I won’t go into too much detail about the cast to keep the text simple. However, to show the appearance of that pagan pyramid in India, I am mentioning the position of two or three casts in a little pyramid.

I will not say anything different about acting, casting, directing. Because I believe you will find these beautiful¬† analysis in many reviews. But the first time I saw Lizomal Joshi’s acting was a great experience. Let’s end by saying “Joy Bhim”. The pyramid with which I tried to show an overall picture of the film was challenged by an immensely Indian person. He himself came from the bottom of this aggressive pyramid.

He is the author of the Constitution of India and the leading man in the Dalit movement, BR Ambedkar. He showed courage, he also showed the way to see the competition. This victory Bhim is the short slogan of his followers. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s victory comes in full force. Joy Bhim.

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