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Networker Baire 2021 film review

Netwoker Baire 2021 film review

Networker Baire is  a Bangladeshi adventure  dramatization film directed  by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. The film is based on  true  stories.

  • Directed by: Mizanur Rahman Aryan
  • Written by: Jobaed Ahsan, Mizanur Rahman Aryan
  • Produced by: Redoan Rony
  • Starring: Tasnia Farin, Sariful Razz, Tasnuva Tisha, Yash Rohan, Nazia Haque Orsha, Khairul Basar, Jonayed Bukdadi, Nazifa Tushi
  • Cinematography: Raju Raj
  • Edited by: Simit Ray Antor
  • Musicby: Sajid Sarkar
  • Distributed by: Chorki
  • Releasedate: 19 August 2021
  • Runningtime: 89 minutes
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Language: Bangla


Netwoker Baire review

The plot progresses with an impeccably beautiful story. In friendship there is love, there is liveliness, there is a heated quarrel. That story has been beautifully told. Rich and poor people are in the circle of friendship. But it is always stuck in the chain of friendship. The playfulness of the four friends has been skillfully portrayed. We have so many friends in university life.

Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin are two of the best tourist spots in Bangladesh but I don’t think any story has been so beautifully presented in these two places. The cinematography was awesome. There was no misunderstanding anywhere. Above all, it is a reflection of a story with a strong hand.

Just a few minutes after the start of the movie I was able to guess that this movie is going to get some great background scores. Building with a lot of intensity and sequence, this atmosphere will take you into the story very easily. The smooth dialogue and very natural acting of the movie will take you right inside the script at the very moment when you enter the story.

At times it seemed to me that I was one of his friends with four friends. I mean five of us. Thinking about it, I was amazed to think that if a story and its screenplay are written neatly, a viewer can be immersed in that content! May discover himself as a character in that story.

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