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Real wousewives of potomac 2021 watch online link #RHOP season 6 5

Real housewives of potomac 2021

Real Housewives of Potomac 2021 ( #RHOP) is an American reality TV series that debuted on January 17, 2016, on Bravo. Created as the eighth portion of The Real Housewives establishment, it has circulated six seasons and spotlights on the individual and professional existences of a few ladies living in Potomac, Maryland. The current cast comprises of Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Candiace Dillard, Wendy Osefo, and Mia Thornton, with Askale Davis filling in as a companion of the housewives. Recently highlighted cast individuals incorporate unique cast individuals Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Katie Rost; and later expansion Monique Samuels.

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watch real housewives of Potomac season 5 online link

RHOP season 6 
  • Land of the Free, Home of the Shade
  • August 15, 2021
  • 43min
  • TV-14
Ashley and Michael adjust to caring for two children while on a family photoshoot. It’s Candace’s first time hosting a girl’s trip, but the mood dampens after Giselle and Karen’s issues resurface – again.

real housewives of Potomac Monique review (may contain spoiler)

Cherish this appearAffirm, I really oppose this idea with how both Monique and Candice taken care of things. Candice includes a lot of mouth and ought to learn to require duty when she’s off-base BUT (additionally she’s the youngest…the “unused Ashley” of the group, so I like to think she’ll still grow)…as better than average individuals and Particularly ladies, I feel like you’ll battle together with your words, but do not get so sincerely caught up merely put your hands on somebody– particularly in the event that you’re Developed, with childrennn Chile and at that point I just like the development I’m seeing with Ashley. Robyn and Giselle can be irritating as, but Giselle is engaging to me. I cherish Wendy and think she’s a awesome show for young ladies in common, but particularly us dark ladiesFinal, but not slightest– Karen herself lol I fair adore her. Ooh and the modern girl-Mia. I cherish her so fat, she appears so sweet and inviting and I cherish how open and forthright she was almost her surgeries when Wendy was being cautious and shady, I didn’t get it her got to do that.
Everyone knows you are not suppose to put your hands on anyone. PERIOD. Talking mess is part of the show. Like Gizelle and the other ladies said, we only saw a small portion. No one gets a pass. Monique wanted to kill Candace and security had a hard time holding her back. They said she went on for over 45 minutes AND THAT IS NOT OK. Many have said Candace threw a knife at Ashley. She waived it around but did not throw it at her. Ashley should have left her house like she told her too. Ashley has had a big mouth and harassed the other ladies since she came on the show. Candace is young, immature and it’s her time to take over Ashley’s role. Yes she talks way too much but that is no reason for Monique who was actually mad at Candace because she would not listen to her in her beef with Ashley. Folks seem to forget that. Monique kept up the bull because she could not control Candace. She even said she’d drag her when she was pregnant because Candace would not allow her to tell her how to interact with Ashley. In case y’all didn’t notice it’s Gizelle’s role to keep things popping. I like Robyn, Karen, Candace who is like the spoiled brat lil sister or cousin. That is her role. It was Monique’s responsibility to walk away and she didn’t. Folks, the glass got broke because Monique had Candace’s head going up and down and many things broke. MONIQUE WAS WRONG. And folks need to understand that folks in the real world are getting killed during arguments and fights. People don’t forget and come after the person who won. It’s best to walk away then to put your hands on someone. PERIOD. Andy gave Monique many chances to show remorse and she didn’t.  And from what I read, Andy quizzed both ladies. Production edited what we saw. Monique was even on one of the youtube shows and said Andy was fair Then later started the drama again blaming Andy. So, saying I totally dislike seeing Black women putting hands on each other like these ladies did. And Ashley is no angel either.
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